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Anonymous: wow hi I haven't seen you on my dash in MONTHS... I HOPE YOU HAD A LOT OF FUN! Did you like it?

HELLO I PROMISE IM GONNA BE POSTING MORE IN THE NEXT DAYS! I loved it, they were all amazing and Liam and Louis were always on my side of the stage and i can’t believe theyre real??? wow i cant believe ive seen them liveĀ 

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im back it was amazingĀ 

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seeing them today holy shit HolY SHIT

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Anonymous: hey would u mind posting the video of the boys counting down to the new year? thanks

uhm sorry but i cant seem to find it, although the title on youtube was “One Direction Japan”, hope it helps…

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Happy New Year!

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Title: Through The Dark
Artist: One Direction
Plays: 129853

One Direction performing Through the Dark on SNL

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